MSA Super Classic & Summer Classic Q&A

Questions and Answers

  1. Do I need to check in on Friday night?
    A. No. We will have check in tables at a location within proximity to your scheduled games to check teams in. Please arrive 60 min prior to your first game to complete the check-in process.
  2. What age bracket will the tournament be using?
    A. We will be using the 2023/2024 Cal US Club “Birth year” age classifications for this tournament… each player will need to have their 2022/23 or 2023/24 official player card in order to participate in the tournament. See the Rules section for age group brackets for clarification. 
  3. Is this a Stay and Play tournament?
    A.If you’re traveling from outside of the 75-mile radius of Galway Downs Soccer Complex, Temecula. We require that you book your hotel through our partners at HPN Global Sports Travel. You may contact them directly with any questions you may have by emailing HPN Sports Customer Assistance. Email: Phone: 480-420-9449 (Hours: M-F 8am-5pm CST/Sat & Sun as needed)
  4. Will all my games be at the same site all weekend?
    A. Yes. All games will be played at one location.
  5. Are their discounts available to clubs that send multiple teams?
    A. Yes. Please have the club director contact our tournament director via email with the number of teams expected to attend and the team ages. The multi team discount is based on total quantities and age-based fee structure.
  6. Will there be a semi-final and final in each age group?
    A. Brackets and format of championship round will be determined once all applications have been submitted and reviewed by the tournament management team. Divisions will then be established to create competitive pools for all teams.
  7. Will you accommodate coaches who coach multiple teams on the schedule?
    A. Any coach that is coaching multiple teams must make sure when registering each team to list the same Coach exact name for each team or we will not be able to accommodate coaching conflicts. We will do our very best to adjust game times but cannot guarantee it and a second coach/administrator should be available in case all circumstances cannot be met.
  8. What happens if we end up not being able to attend?
    A.If you notify the tournament director prior to the registration deadline listed on the website, your refund request will be reviewed, and any refund amount will be determined based on the date of the request and tournament expenditures less $150.00 administration fees will be issued. If you withdraw after the registration deadline, no refund will be issued.
  9. Are there parking fees?
    A.Yes, there are parking fees at Galway Downs Soccer Complex locations. Parking fees are managed and implemented by facility operations and are separate to the tournament event.
  10. When is payment due?
    A.Payment is due immediately. Your team will not be considered until payment is received. Once our brackets are full no more teams will be accepted.
  1. Can I pay by check?
    A.Yes, you can pay by check or money order up to 30 days prior to the event dates. All registration application made within a 30-day period prior to the event play dates are required to make payment via card.
  2. When is the roster freeze?
    A.The Monday prior to the event is the final day to enter players to your roster ONLINE. We will print game cards on the Tuesday prior to the event. If you need to make a last-minute addition, you can add the player manually at check in with his/her player card.
  3. Will I have coaching conflicts?
    A.We attempt to prevent as many coaching conflicts as possible. Unfortunately, with so many coaches bringing in multiple teams, we cannot guarantee all conflicts will be resolved. If you plan on bringing 3 or more teams, you should plan to have an assistant coach with you. Please ensure the coach’s name is spelled the same on all team applications.
  4. Do you provide canopies and benches for the players?
    A.We provide a canopy and team bench for all teams, but you are welcome to bring your own bench.
  5. When will the schedule be released?
    A.We aim to release the schedule no later than 7 days prior to the event start date.
  6. What do we need to check our team in?
    A.All teams must have up to date US Club, Cal South, USYSA, AYSO or USAAA player cards. Official rosters for Academy or MLS Next teams are acceptable. Only the team manager needs to be in attendance for check in.
  7. What happens if my player doesn’t have a player card?
    A.Unfortunately, due to insurance purposes, if your player doesn’t have a player card or isn’t on your official roster, then they cannot play.
  8. What if my score is incorrect?
    A.Please email the tournament director with your game number and correct score and we will manually adjust this for you.
  9. Who makes the final in my bracket?
  • Flight of 4 teams. 1 bracket, top 2 teams with most overall points will play in the championship game.
  • Flight of 6 teams. 2 brackets of 3 teams. Each team in one bracket will play all teams in the opposing bracket. The top 2 highest point scorers among the 6 teams will play in the championship game.
  • Flight of 8 teams. 2 brackets of 4 teams. Each bracket plays everyone within their bracket. The winners of each bracket will meet in the Championship game.


If you have additional questions, please submit them via the email to and they will be reviewed and responded to within 24 hours. If a question arises that is time sensitive, please contact the tournament director directly.