About MYSL

MYSL recreational soccer league is designed to teach players soccer skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship in an environment where participation and fun are the focus, not competition.

The philosophy of the MYSL recreational program is to ensure that all Murrieta area youth have the opportunity to learn the game of soccer. The program provides a low-cost, safe and structured soccer experience for all area youth. MYSL can serve as a starting point before moving to the club level. MYSL rec games are played at Los Alamos Hills Sports Park in Murrieta.


President – Rob Hawkes – myslpresident@gmail.com – 951-201-0323

Vice President – Al Cornelison – myslvp@gmail.com

Secretary – Jen Jahraus – myslsecretary@gmail.com

Director of Recreation – Dave Ramirez – myslrecreation@gmail.com

Assistant Director Recreational – Dan Markham – myslcoaching@gmail.com

Director of Micro – Dennis Adams – myslmicros@gmail.com

Assistant Director Micro – Anthony Herrera – myslmicros2@gmail.com

Director of Referees – Bill Dyer – mysldirectorofreferee@gmail.com

Director of Schedules – Jen Jahraus – myslschedule@gmail.com

Director of Fields/Equipment – Steve Petty – myslequipment@gmail.com

Director League Services – Robert Silva – myslleagueservices@gmail.com

Director of Surf Business Operations – Rob Hawkes – surfopsdirector@gmail.com

MYSL Registrar/Player Registration – Gladis Rada – myslreg@gmail.com