Q. What is Murrieta Soccer Academy?

A. This is the new name change for Murrieta Surf Soccer Club.

Q. Are we still connected to San Diego Surf?

A. We are no longer a Surf affiliate club.

 Q. What else has changed? Will Murrieta Soccer Academy still play in the MLS NEXT, GA, EAL, DPL, and SOCAL League?

A. Nothing else has changed. Our field location, teams, leagues, and coaches you currently play for ALL stay the same.

Q. Do my fees change?

A. No. All fees stay the same for the 2021/22 season as advertised. We will still provide PLAY FOR FREE fundraisers that can offset ALL costs associated with Murrieta Soccer Academy.

Q. Who is Capelli Sport?

A. Capelli Sport is our new partner and Exclusive and Official Uniform Supplier.

Q. Where can I order my new uniform?

A. You will be able to order your new uniform shortly. Information will be provided to ALL registered players in time to order ALL uniforms and training gear for the start of the August 2021 season. Just make sure you order in the timeline given by the club.

Q. Why the name and brand change?

A. We wanted a brand that mirrored our philosophy. The club has worked extremely hard the past 8 years to bring the highest levels of play offered in the US to the Inland Empire. Matching the highest levels of play, we have also brought in professional quality coaches, both from abroad and locally. And this is for both the boys and girls programs in all age groups.

We have established and built a program that is our own identity. We feel that by rebranding, we can continue to grow and move forward in the best direction for our players.

After meeting with the Capelli Sport brand owner, we discovered that we share the same philosophy: the players come first and that quality, not quantity, is paramount. By partnering with Capelli Sport we would be able to provide our members a better service with better opportunities and resources for our players to progress on whichever pathway they seek.
Murrieta Soccer Academy will always be United In Belief as we are Passionate, Professional, and above all, Player Focused.