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Jungo College Recruitment App – Girls Academy Partner

Jungo is the only student-athlete youth development and college placement application and software platform focused on connecting the student athlete with the appropriate schools of interest. Simply put, we match players with programs that are an appropriate fit based on ability and help develop them as they progress towards college. Jungo provides the clarity so desperately needed in the college placement process:

There’s a Smarter way to be Recruited to play in College

The Jungo platform connects youth soccer players with level appropriate college programs across the country in a way that is totally unique to the player. Jungo allows you to invite your coaches—any and all coaches who know you well—to provide real-time ratings and feedback that result in a comprehensive player profile. Jungo automatically recommends college programs that fit your needs and level of play, while also allowing your coaches to recommend schools, as well as letting you keep track of your favorites. Additionally, Jungo provides clear efficient communication between coaches, players, and families as players develop towards their goals. Jungo puts the power in your hands, so you can find the soccer program that’s best for you with ease. Choose Jungo.