Professional, College & National Team Exposure

MLS Next & GA Players – Video Footage

Due to the official partners of the league – MLS Next (Hudl) & Girls Academy (InStat) – every league and showcase game are recorded and uploaded into their video database and platform. All college coaches from across the country can access these games and watch you as a player on a weekly basis. This is a huge advantage over every other league that your game can be streamed directly into a college coach or USMNT / USWNT scout.

League Showcases

As members of the MLS Next, Girls Academy, Elite Academy League and DPL there are multiple showcases that all teams attend across the country. The reputation and standing of MLS Next and Girls Academy in particular, drive huge numbers of Professional, College and National Coaches / Scouts to these events.

Other College Showcases

We also participate in the most prestigious tournaments and college showcases within the Southwest region and beyond. This adds a further level of exposure to our players that’s unrivalled in the Inland Empire

College ID Camps

We provide our players with specific information designed to help them navigate the world of College ID Camps. We will put them in the right direction to attend a variety of training sessions and camps, providing a platform for the players to showcase their skills and also benefit from direct training with college coaches.

College Coaches at Training Sessions

At various points throughout the year, multiple college coaches may attend team practices.