30th June 2021

First of all, to our loyal members, thank you for your continued support during the unprecedented pandemic we have suffered in the last 14 months. We appreciate your loyalty through these difficult times, and we thank you.

New changes are happening, but we cannot forget how the club has come a long way in the last nine years, especially with the tremendous changes in the levels of play we have introduced to the valley and that we now offer to our local players.

I have always believed that we have amazing talent in the valley, particularly in Murrieta, Temecula, Menifee, Perris, and Hemet. Far too long, players have been starved of the highest levels of play for both boys and girls.

I am delighted to say that this humble club situated in the proud city of Murrieta now hosts both the boys’ and girls’ highest levels of play in the country. We can now provide the valley with the prestigious boys’ MLS NEXT program and the girls’ GA (Girls Academy) program, which happen through sheer hard work and determination. Both being the highest levels of play offered in the United States. In addition, we are a part of other top leagues such as the boys’ EAL (Elite Academy League), girls’ DPL (Development Player League), and not forgetting the newly formed SOCAL league.

While I am delighted at the progress made, as the PREMIER CLUB in the valley, my absolute dream is to unite the existing clubs in the valley because that is where the real strength is. For too long, local clubs have battled each other, and for too long, good players with great potential have not had the opportunity to test themselves at the highest levels. Or have had to travel outside the valley at great expense to get a chance to better themselves.

As we progressed, adding higher levels of play to our program, I have still had the urge to create a united club in the valley with its own identity. A club that stands alone that is NOT affiliated to any club outside the valley that can still serve the needs of all our players at ALL levels.

There are many talented and gifted coaches and Directors of coaching in the valley who, without a doubt, if united together, can deliver and support the levels of competition we have now attained. Getting together and pooling the coaching knowledge, the player pool, and resources would only further strengthen the level of play and competition the valley could provide.

Results have clearly shown in our boys USSDA and now MLS NEXT programs. Even without pooling resources, we have the homegrown talent to compete with the best in the country and do well. But the thought is always in my mind “what if?”. I am hoping we get the same support and results for our newly attained Girls GA program.

Regarding our nine-year affiliation with San Diego Surf, I think I speak for all at the club when I say we will be eternally grateful for being given the opportunity to use the name brand Surf. It absolutely benefitted the club at a time when it needed new life and instant credibility. The prestigious Surf brand gave us that, and we will never forget it.

I want to be clear, though, that this club has achieved this elite status through the sheer hard work and determination of the coaches and board members who have been part of THIS club.

Even as we progressed and added these elite programs to the club, I still had the dream that the valley could stand alone, and along with our president Rob Hawkes, we always had an eye on the next progression.

We are delighted to say we feel that time has come. That Murrieta Surf will now give way to the MURRIETA SOCCER ACADEMY, which, together with our new partner CAPELLI SPORTS will bring new and even more exciting opportunities for our players all over the valley.

We will continue to deliver the highest levels of service to our members. I can promise we will not stop working in our quest to continually improve and maintain our status as the Premier Soccer club in the valley.

Lastly, as we continue to push forward, I can promise you all that I personally will never give up on the idea of uniting the valley and providing ALL players only the best levels of coaching and education, because for me, all it has only and always ever been about is the players.

On behalf of the new MURRIETA SOCCER ACADEMY and CAPELLI SPORTS, we wish you ALL the very best.


Steve Myles

Technical Director, Murrieta Soccer Academy